Adam M. Greenwald

Adam M. Greenwald

Hi there. I’m Adam M. Greenwald, MBA, an LA-based expert for nonprofits and charitable organizations and the founder of Greenwald Solutions. But don’t hesitate to simply call me Adam. Three words that capture Greenwald Solutions? Professional, honest, and innovative. In a world of raw deals and hardship, it’s not so much nonprofits that motivate me so much as the causes and clients that they serve. With this in mind, I specialize in maximizing small budgets and ferreting out cost-effective solutions to obstacles that organizations often face.

I employ my creative, outside-the-box expertise to connect people and resources in ways that create an impact rich in change and progress. I also wield an impressive network of shortcut-creating contacts that elevates how well I can help. My personal story has seen me marry top-notch business acumen with a passion for developing operational excellence in nonprofits, a union that inspires improvement for worthy causes and those in need. And my services, which you can read about here, establish the trustworthiness and financial transparency every organization needs to pass muster with and instill confidence in funders, regulators, and communities at large. Before you go, take a look at what my clients say about me. If you’d like, let’s launch a dialogue; I invite you to contact me here. Thank you very much for your visit to my site. Talk soon, Adam Greenwald Solutions


Adam M. Greenwald MBA aces the challenge every nonprofit and charity faces — reaching their potential, so that those they serve can realize their own. For nearly 20 years, his gift for bringing confidence-inspiring efficiency and financial transparency to service-based organizations has created both immediate and long-term value for organizations and empowered their communities and causes. Having been raised with a grandfather who survived the Holocaust galvanized within Adam, a New York native, a lifelong commitment to social justice. That commitment was augmented by deep respect and passion for higher education, which Adam exhibited in his work as a dynamic fundraiser for underprivileged scholarships while still an undergraduate at Brandeis. Adam fine-tuned his knack for facilitating the processes in which nonprofits and charities best function via a Masters in Business Administration from Arizona State University (Go Sun Devils!), as well as through his work with The Soldiers Project, focused on overcoming the stigma of mental illness and treating the hidden wounds of war. Adam’s expertise has also seen him journey throughout the country, from lengthy stays in New York City and Dallas to several years on an Indian reservation. This itinerant background has allowed him to encounter a national melting pot of disparate viewpoints and perspectives; it’s also developed his skill for framing philanthropy in ways that accommodate the upsides of diverse audiences. Balancing focus with a welcome dose of humor, Adam excels where charitable organizations most often need support: in the reinforcement of passionate and worthwhile networks both within and beyond the board; in their behind-the-scenes organization and structural underpinnings; and in the implementation of procedures and technology that simplify and streamline their day-to-day success and continuing prosperity. When not lifting nonprofits and charities to peak capacity, Adam enjoys doting on his two children and rooting for the Dodgers.




What’s your mission? Can everyone in the organization articulate it as well as you can? What’s the word on the street about the services you offer? Fundamental questions like these demand clear, compelling answers. Yet many nonprofits struggle to reply to them meaningfully. Enter Greenwald Solutions, expert in making behind-the-scenes staff as adroit and efficient as possible, particularly in prioritizing and enunciating organizational goals. Like a course in “Your Nonprofit 101,” consulting with Adam helps make the most of staff output in order to attract and retain clients. The assemblage of comprehensive written plans for programming, fundraising, and communication are part and parcel of Adam’s methodology, key to both immediate and long-term improvements. He also meets with staff, stakeholders and key constituents in SWOT-analysis fashion, aiming to earn buy-in so that everyone can articulate what matters most to the nonprofit.


  • Well and good isn’t good enough to inspire confidence in regulators and potential funders. Programs require solid research and convincing outcome to indicate their legitimacy and value. Through the implementation of such key practices as peer-reviewed research analysis and professional interval-based survey development, Adam’s expertise authenticates the needs programs meet and verifies that the solutions they offer are demonstrable. Greenwald Solutions helps confirm that organizations are uplifting the communities and causes they serve to a conclusively better place.


  • When fundraisers’ reasons for earning money don’t mesh with the priorities of those directly handling a nonprofit’s services, havoc can ensue. Adam aligns programming staff with fundraisers and brings a clarity that sheds light on what’s most critical: the menu of opportunities for donors, potential board members, and the community to fund. Alongside an organization’s senior staff, Adam enables all parties — including the executive director and board members — to accurately articulate funding deeds. He fosters the brand of close-knit collaboration and precise dialogue between colleagues and supervisors that raises the spirits of fundraisers and funders alike.


  • Maybe a graphic designer, perhaps a social media intern: organizations often entertain media-focused staff here and there. But more often than not, they lack even the most basic strategy to communicate important information. Ad hoc or reactive planning for the promotion of a nonprofit can jeopardize efforts to successfully reach out. Greenwald Solutions ensures that a consistent communications plan is in place, including fundamentals like newsletter templates, elevator pitches, taglines, social media calendaring, and consistent visual branding. With Adam aboard, an organization can see upticks in their email open rates and improvements in their direct mail efforts, among other indicators that an organization is effectively broadcasting its message.


  • Strapped and stressed nonprofits often overburden staff with tasks that are overlapping, unconnected, and inappropriate for their skill set. But instilling efficiency in an organization’s hiring protocol can require some serious rethinking. The best way to achieve this, and what Greenwald Solutions does brilliantly, is to evaluate what positions are truly needed according to the nonprofit’s needs, avoiding shoehorning priorities into the limitations of the existing payroll. Putting into place proper staff evaluations, performance evaluation plans, and progressive disciplinary action — another Greenwald Solutions specialty — can all help a nonprofit maximize its human resources. Working with Adam reveals smart, practical ways to outsource certain tasks and to bring in qualified employees for specialized demands. And Adam’s knack for helpful communication with the executive director and the board of directors can also shed light on what’s truly necessary to carry out an organization’s directives, including the legal ramifications of employee hiring and relations.
  • All the blame and none of the credit: the efforts of dedicated staff often go unsung. Adam directly empathizes with this, as a colleague who’s been in the trenches of nonprofit grind. Through Greenwald Solutions, he offers uncommon insight in supporting professionals who grapple with hassles that hinder the good the organization can accomplish. Adam provides therapy-esque, confidential and high-level rapport and coaching for executive directors and developmental staff surrounding key obstacles like the legwork required to attract funders, the surmounting of fiscal year fundraising constraints, the measurement of success and progress in the nonprofit, the management of donors, and other demands, emphasizing workable strategies to mend these issues.


  • Nonprofit staff often have vastly different perceptions of how the public reads their output; honest, clean-cut feedback on how well (or not well) they convey organizations’ messages to the right people, and address the right issues, can prove enlightening. Adam excels in the tough yet tasteful coaching of staff members need to spot and end ruts, neutralize office politics, and rejuvenate their performance. Though coaching can feel time-prohibitive, Greenwald Solutions can even make a lunch hour productive beyond the sandwich. (Nights and weekends, Skype and FaceTime are also options that help make the coaching flexible.) Adam sweetens the pot with a free one-on-one, introductory session, in which he helps staff lay out six-month achievement plans regarding the deliverables of the coaching experience. From motivating staff to stay on-board longer to outlining a long-term career trajectory (while maximizing a current position), the routes of work with Adam as a coach are as varied as they are valuable.


  • Adam’s personal experience as a director of development, as well as an assistant director of development, lends authenticity to his coaching here. He grasps the nuances of both overseeing fundraising efforts and working under a fellow staff member with more experience and higher organizational rank. Greenwald Solutions emboldens development staff to bring discipline to their efforts toward the end of deeper professional satisfaction and overall nonprofit improvement, including tactics that generate key information from the budget, expenses breakdowns, and program-to-fundraising budget calibration. He also helps staff create and implement overall annual plans that define and clarify how and why funds are being raised, spent, and evaluated for the good of the organization.


  • Greenwald Solutions empowers executive directors to think both “big picture” and about themselves. Developing clear and defined lines of communication throughout the organization, and outlining boundaries of responsibility with the board, can help them to advocate not only for the nonprofit for their own professional needs and preferences as well. Adam’s coaching can help bring about this clarity and precision by establishing the climate and culture of the organization (open-door vs. close-door, personal casual vs. more businesslike) in conjunction with the board, in ways that are most effectively conveyed at all levels. Adam also supports executive directors in how to position their organizations against similar organizations via strategic planning, encouraging collaboration between all constituents toward the creation of detailed multi-year plans.


  • You’re deeply committed to the nonprofit world, but are you in the right sector? Do you want to help save the whales, or help out in a retirement facility? Is this the best fit for you? How to transition into an area where you haven’t had experience? Partnering with Adam can lend much-needed clarity and direction to your pursuit of the best-fit nonprofit sphere and position. And investigating the horizons of opportunities doesn’t necessarily mean quitting your job; instead, Adam smoothly refocuses your search into helpful avenues like position-specific professional organizations and resume-building educational opportunities. He also mines your work experience for a set of transferable skills that can support lateral moves you can consider making beyond your current employment.


  • Both top-down and bottom-up management strategies pivot on a key truth: everyone answers to someone, no matter their position. Bosses hold responsibility to the board of directors, while an organization’s volunteers and constituents have much to bear on how even lower-level employees handle their effectiveness and responsibility. Greenwald Solutions specializes in the nuances of both approaches and generates apt, meaningful methods of improving clients’ use of them. The collaborative team environment that earmarks a bottom-up style benefits from how Adam simplifies the carving out of time and space for communication-enriching dialogue to take place. Calendaring opportunities to listen and receive feedback is also crucial for top-down adherents, which Adam can help create toward the end of improved delivery of services and more authoritative decision-making.
  • Most nonprofits have needs beyond their budgetary constraints. Volunteers and credentialed pro bono professionals, the life-blood of nearly every charitable organization, in every size and setting, are common solutions to these additional demands. But accomplishing all that’s needed without a well-drawn, intentional volunteer and pro bono services plan can often spell trouble or even disaster. Greenwald Solutions helps organizations think through both immediate and long term needs, identify a variety of solutions, and determine next steps. “How do we advertise these volunteer opportunities?” “Why should busy people volunteer at our agency?” “What’s in it for them?” These and other questions need answers before embarking on a professional-level volunteer program, answers that Adam can help discover and implement.


  • Quick tip: stapling a sign to a telephone pole or advertising on Craigslist may not be the best route to rounding up passionate, reliable, and qualified volunteers. Instead, organizations should consider the wellspring of local opportunities that match volunteers with nonprofits, a process of research and action which Greenwald Solutions can expertly manage. It’s also critical that organizations create and oversee protocols and measures that incentivize volunteers to lend their time and energy. Sorting adults-only opportunities from those that can accommodate youngsters, providing accident or injury insurance coverage for volunteers, and arranging for community service credits for students are just a handful of means that, with Adam’s support, nonprofits can improve their recruitment efforts.


  • “You can’t always get what you want:” a Rolling Stones lyric that many nonprofits have taken too closely to heart, particularly regarding the handling of their volunteers. The “just take what you can get” approach to volunteer performance and disciplinary issues, or tolerating unprofessional and ineffective service out of gratitude for volunteers’ very existence, can seriously hamper an organization. And since effective volunteer management offers credibility with the community and with funders, it becomes all the more important to rectify discord here. Greenwald Solutions helps nonprofits devise and execute helpful guidelines to structure and chart the identify of an ideal volunteer, the process of scrutiny and training to find and vet potential volunteers, and organizational rules and expectations for their contributions. Adam also helps put into place the means to collect feedback from volunteers, as well as from clients and supervisors, that can serve as welcome fodder for newsletters, reports, and a sense of “Satisfaction” throughout the nonprofit.


  • High-level professionals require a different approach than volunteers who stuff envelopes, among other important yet less intensive contributions. When mismanaged, Ph.Ds, MSWs, and other credentialed experts can alternate between feeling underused and feeling overly entitled, neither of which leads to long-term fulfillment for an organization. With the support of Greenwald Solutions, nonprofits can simplify how they attract, retain and manage specialized professionals. Adam helps organizations develop tempting tactics like tax benefits and continuing education credits, as well as communicating the ripple effect of professionals’ expertise on the larger community as opposed to taking on another client for pay. In addition, he can also help set up peer-to-peer trainings on organizational protocol that maintain work ethic and respect for a nonprofit’s culture, structure, and goals.

Professional Testimonials

“A brilliant strategist who knows how to manage the inputs and outputs necessary to achieve the outcomes demonstrating success.”

Asher B. Gellis

Executive Director, JQ International, Inc.

“I’ve been very impressed at how well, as our Director of Development, Adam has combined his experience and his extreme likeability to help build our non-profit school in these difficult times.”

Don Spector

Board Member, Dubnoff Center for Child Development

“I have had occasion to work with Adam in a university setting. I have found Adam to be a thoughtful and astute professional. I valued his input and judgment.”

Dr. Steven F. Windmueller

Former Dean, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion, Los Angeles

“Adam helped revive alumni activities for both Wurzweiler School of Social Work and Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology. Both colleagues and volunteers enjoyed working with him.”

Bob Saltzman

University Director of Alumni Affairs, Yeshiva University

“Adam understands the dynamics of fundraising, including outreach one-on-one to prospective supporters and to groups through events and reunion programs. He continues to be an active alumnus of Brandeis University, and served on his 5th and 10th reunion committees.”

Susan Krinsky

Associate Vice President for Campaign, Brandeis University


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